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Product Design

“Our lean industrial design process is tailored to startups and established company brands who want to work like startups.”

Product Design Company

Conceptual Design

Transferring ideas from the expanses of the mind to a design that you can see, share, and communicate is a critical component in the product development process. We weave our manufacturing and technical engineering expertise into our creativity and design aesthetics for high-functioning and appealing products.

In this stage of designing the concept, we optimize cost, rectify industrial design challenges and push our boundaries to explore original product design possibilities.

Product Design Company

Visual Communication

Accurate and engaging initial conceptual designs create visually understandable products to facilitate project communications and buy-in opportunities. Our design teams focus on an innovative approach to 2D and 3D sprints to optimize basic models, which serve as a tool for testing and clarifying the next steps.

Product Design Company

Philosophy of the Design Process

  • Empathize with the public
  • Define the problem
  • Ideate a solution
  • Build a prototype
  • Test the solution


“Oliver’s eye for design and detail is second to none. Shark Design is extremely well positioned due to their extensive experience in not only design but also manufacturing. We visit their facilities both in the USA, Hong Kong and China, an extremely impressive operation.”

John Gennaro President, Twin Star Productions

“Shark Designs attention to detail and execution is top class managing to execute from design stages to shipping to us within four months.”

Andrew Bosway Product Development Manager, 4Ocean

“Oliver is one of the most innovative product designers with meticulous precision on making best in class products. His design company and business skills are at an exceptional international level and it’s always a great pleasure to work with him.”

Tobi Doeringer President, Mascotte


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