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Meet our founder

Oliver Evans from London, UK is the Founder, Creative Director and CEO of Shark Design which was established in 2008.

Oliver has a clear passion for product design, engineering and advanced technologies concentrating on delivering clients their desired requirements, whilst developing his own branded products under the Shark Design group.

Oliver has sourced exceptionally talented designers and engineers who understand his vision, support his values and intentions for the businesses products and services.

A strong lesson learnt, in the past factories effected the production of products, causing serious problems with unnecessary delays, quality control and copying of his designs. Oliver found the only solution was to manage every step of the supply chain and take the final assembly in-house by managing the production lines with a full team of quality controllers based out of Shark Design’s offices in Shenzhen China and company management based out of the Hong Kong headquarters, that is where he is today.

The Shark Design production operations is located in Shenzhen, China, a very special place for Oliver who spent over 20 years integrating with the Chinese, an ancient culture he admires. The Shark Design connection in Asia began In 2000, after Oliver started his first company when he was just 18 years old, still living in London, UK importing first generation Electric Scooters from Taiwan. This was his first encounter dealing with Asia and the business was a great success. Never one to keep still, Oliver was ready for a change and more challenging adventures.

During one of his visits to Taiwan, passing through Hong Kong he shares: “I knew I wanted to end up in Hong Kong after falling in love with this multicultural city and its heritage. A city with a special energy, a sophisticated fusion of East and West, a city of diversity where new and old meet, truly magical”.

His heart resonated with the land “the city gave me motivation, i have a natural business mind and recognised the opportunities knowing that it was Asia’s hub to China, it was a no brainer to invest in this area.” Oliver had several years of exploring and learning in Hong Kong and running a trading company with its ups and downs, he says “I felt the time had come and it was necessary to move into China with a secondary office in Shenzhen in order to explore the opportunity to work side by side with manufacturers without anymore third parties”.

Oliver says “the successes and failures in Hong Kong and China made me who I am today” He is proud of his new found understanding and respect for running an international business and specifically what it means to do business within China, with a different culture, value systems and language.

“There are certain challenges and higher risks involved in outsourcing production, even though it might seem easier at first, as I learnt with previous projects, it is not always the case. The main issue is losing control of my own business, relying on other production factories to deliver quality products on time. Factories copying my ideas and designs was a constant issue, it sadly continues in the industry, no matter how protected products are. Business can be complicated with Chinese vendors, especially when production is in someone else's factory however we got over this hurdle by taking full control of our supply chain and assembly lines”.

“I am naturally a very positive person and have been born with an ability to be resilient, persistent and having initiative to power through the mud, never giving up and transforming failure into motivation”.

Oliver refers to his Asia operations as “an absolute necessity, having my own team here gives me the confidence to not only launch successful products but also make sure they are of the highest quality, exceeding customers expectations in a timely manner as we are able to execute quickly being based on the ground here in China”.

Oliver has forged partnerships in over 50 countries worldwide. With the support of the Miami, USA sales and marketing office Oliver is able to focus on building his retail partnerships with the likes of Walmart and Target as well as build a strong online digital team for the Ecommerce department.

Oliver hopes to share his enthusiasm behind the motivations of creating beautiful, sustainable, and innovative products and solutions with the launch of his Waving Plastic Away initiative, which impacts our future in a positive way for a friendlier planet.

The focus is lined up as a 5 year product road map, with planet friendly products being added. We are excited for our proprietary advance Shark Electronics software being embedded into our electric mobility solutions. Additionally we are developing recycled and plant based material products for clients and our own brands.

Do you have a product that solves a problem? Is there a simple solution lacking in this world? Would you like it to be made from plant based materials?

We would love to collaborate in designing the world of tomorrow, today with you so please do reach out to us.

Innovate, Motivate, Educate.

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