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About Us

“Shark Design is an award winning product design and manufacturing company trusted by startups, brands and corporate retailers”

Shark Design office

Cohesive, End to End Product Design

Shark Design provides end-to-end solutions for product design and development through our eclectic mix of expert professionals.

We've got our mechanical engineers working closely with our curious creatives who sit beside our marketing specialists. Our products are top-quality and gain high market interest because our foundations are rooted in the expert knowledge of different areas but intertwine together on the surface. Knowledge borders can't exist in our world because a product built without cohesion might have one nice feature but can't guarantee success.

Our design teams lean into the mechanical and industrial engineering principles to execute a highly functional first draft which results in fewer revisions and our marketing teams are there throughout the process to build a comprehensive knowledge of the product to find the optimal marketing angles.

Shark Design Office USA

Global Sharks

Our offices are spread across the globe from the USA, UK, Europe, Middle East, and Asia.  We're an international company that understands the power of optimizing different markets around the globe. Our span minimizes production costs and maximizes marketing knowledge for our innovative clients.

Shark Design Hong Kong office

Supply Chain

Managing our 500+ suppliers effectively by ensuring they follow our strict policy standards and quality components allows us to function smoothly and deliver quality results for our clients every time.

Shark Design Production facility

Production Facility

We have our own entire production facilities to control all aspects of product development from supply chain, materials, quality control, inspections, shipping, and ethical work environments.

Office & Facility locations

Hong Kong

Capital Tower, Tower A
21st Floor, Suite B
38 Wai Yip Street
Kowloon Bay Hong Kong

United Kingdom

25 Sackville St
United Kingdom

United States

1111 Brickell Ave, 10th Floor
FL 33131


88 First Haide Road
7/F, Tower A


Office 215/02. Level 2
DWTC. Central 1 Building
Dubai World Trade Center
Dubai, UAE


4-6/F, 59A
Phố Lý Thái Tổ, Street
Hà Nội, 100000

“Leading international design manufacturing company”


“Oliver’s eye for design and detail is second to none. Shark Design is extremely well positioned due to their extensive experience in not only design but also manufacturing. We visit their facilities both in the USA, Hong Kong and China, an extremely impressive operation.”

John Gennaro President, Twin Star Productions

“Shark Designs attention to detail and execution is top class managing to execute from design stages to shipping to us within four months.”

Andrew Bosway Product Development Manager, 4Ocean

“Oliver is one of the most innovative product designers with meticulous precision on making best in class products. His design company and business skills are at an exceptional international level and it’s always a great pleasure to work with him.”

Tobi Doeringer President, Mascotte


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“We design and develop products that drive commercial success.”